PPI – Punto di primo intervento (First Aid Service) and PPI Pediatrici (Pediatrician First Aid Service)

are healthcare structures where you can get visited by a doctor from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays, for “small” urgencies whenever the First Aid is not necessary. PPI doctors, if necessary, can be joined by specialists. A range of medical analysis (laboratory, radiology, etc), if required, can be done.
62 PPI Pediatrici (Pediatrician First Aid Services) are established to guarantee a pediatrician’s availability from 10am to 8 pm.

Emergency medical services

It is a 24h assistance service located almost everywhere over the country that guarantees the availability of a doctor on nights and weekend. You can reach such service via telephone. No ticket payment is due.

118 - Emergency Medical System

Any “small” urgency, go to your general practitioner, family pediatrician or to PPI – Punto di Primo Intervento (First Aid Service).
The “118” should intervene in the event of life danger or high risk of safety.
The “118” service is organized as follows:
- Emergency Response Centers answer calls and send emergency vehicles with medical equipment
- Emergency vehicles, Ambulances, Intermediate Life Support emergency vehicles with nurses, Helicopter Emergency Medical Services
- Territorial emergency system (P.T.E, GM)
- Hospital services
The Emergency Response Centers of Palermo, Catania, Messina, Caltanissetta, manage the delivery of emergency vehicles.
They work with all people involved in First Aid or PTE – Presidio territoriale di emergenza Network, to make sure that assistance for the patient is guaranteed:
- Ictus Network
- Heart Attack Network
- Maternity and Childhood Network
- Polytrauma Network
- Intensive care Network
- Transplant Network
- Lung Network
- Gastroentheritis Network